Beach shark fishing in South Africa 2024

South African shark on feeding frenzy

Four Season’s shark fishing Holidays; have the pleasure of offering you, an exceptional sportfishing opportunity catching three to six of southern Africa’s most formidable predatory species, using the technique of beach line angling. Beautiful Mtonga Bay, tented camp destination based on the cliff tops overlooking a spectacular sandy beach, or Mazeppa bay hotel accommodation, both an angler’s paradise for Shark Fishing, Fishing from the sandy South African shoreline and accompanied by experienced shark fishing guides, who will help you with all aspects of South African beach shark fishing holiday’s including landing the Indian Oceans biggest and most aggressive predatory hunters within the waters surrounding southern Africa.

Beach fishing holidays will see you fishing for large baitfish from the shore, to hunting down the colossal sharks that are abundant in southern African waters. These gigantic specimens will do battle with you, pitting your wits to defeat these top predators of the sea, landing the fish that will make your dreams come true! catching these powerful heavyweight fighters from the deep. All fishing tackle supplied by your gillie at the tented beach camp including bait fish on this fishing holiday.

When beach shark fishing with four seasons, the only thing you have to worry about is enjoying this anglers paradise as we provide everything from experienced beach fishing Gillies, who have all the knowledge you could ever want, assisting you throughout this entire shark fishing adventure, your beach guide will assist you with baiting and casting along with the use of fishing drones to get your tackle out beyond the breaking of the waves, guides will also assist you with prolonged fights giving you a welcome breather from time to time, right down to landing these enormous predatory sharks.

This fishing holiday appeals to big game anglers who relish fishing from the shore opposed to big game fishing from a boat, particularly if you do not have especially good sea legs. Set in stunning South African laid-back beach life with outstanding scenery, catching fish of all sizes that you will not find around UK shores.

Shark fishing in South Africa 2024

Beach shark fishing in South Africa Trip Profile


5 Days


GBP 1050


Sharks, rays, baitfish.


South Africa

group size



Mtonga Bay, or Mazeppa Bay Hotel, southern Africa.

UK Departure



Tented beach camp or Mazeppa bay hotel.

Food & Drink

all inclusive


May-Jul & Oct-Dec

Shark fishing in the surf in southern Africa
Fishing for sharks in the surf in southern Africa October 2021

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Sharks feeding on sardines in South Africa

Beach shark fishing in South Africa: Overview


You will be, beach Shark Fishing in Mtonga, or Mazeppa Bay, a small fishing town at the far end of the Eastern Cape in southern Africa, found on what is known as the garden route. This community looks out into the wild nutritive-rich seas where sardines run close to the shoreline in the Indian Ocean from July to December. This beautiful destination found 173 km west of East London, which is the closest airport to catch your connecting flight from Johannesburg, this is home to the most naturally diverse surroundings you will come across in the Eastern Cape.

Mazeppa Bay is a popular shark fishing destination with opportunities to catch great white sharks, the biggest on record weighing 791 kg. Mazeppa Bay is famous because it is rich in shellfish, with great seafood and calamari. Each year, whales migrate through Mazeppa Bay where they will give birth and you can see whales breaching the surface daily, right throughout the season.


You can only describe the beach Shark Fishing at Mazeppa Bay as exceptional. These warm Indian Ocean waters stuffed with big sharks, including, bronze Wales, Ragged Tooth, and the fearsome fighting Bull Shark. Shark Fishing at Mazeppa Bay is famous for being one of the best places to hunt and catch enormous Ragged-tooth Sharks, so if this is your target species you wish to hunt, then Mtonga Bay or Mazeppa Bay is the shark fishing destination you must choose.

Added to this are a plethora of other game fish to catch, such as Duck-Billed Rays, Blue-Rays, Smooth Hounds, Sand sharks, Spotted Gully sharks and Kabeljou. There is something for everyone at Mtonga Bay, sports anglers wondering what fish will bite next.

There are a wide variety of game fish species available when Shark Fishing at Mtonga Bay, and with a modest rod and reel, you can have an extraordinary amount of fun when fishing in the surf, targeting all fashion of fish. Little rubber shads and spinners work incredibly well with this style of sport fishing.

Sharks caught here grow exceptionally large, 450lb specimens being common, with the reality of catching larger fish swimming through these waters, if you hook into one of these monsters, you had better be prepared for the fight of your life; these fish will strike incredibly hard and run even faster. When sport fishing for Sharks, you will be using baited ledger and traces from the beach. Fishing with large sardine baits will produce a scent trail in the water that will become irresistible to any predator sport fish in your local area, causing sharks to home in on your sardine baited hook. Then with confidence, sharks will devour your bait, making your real scream as this monster from the deep makes its first run for freedom.

The fishing tackle we supply can land these massive fish, with high-end rods and reels with superior quality line and traces used to ensure that you have the best possible opportunity to landing a well hooked fish. The fishing done from sandy beachy areas or off rocky ledges, making the water easily accessible for landing fish safely, this means that you will be in the best location when playing this fish.


While on your South African Shark Fishing holiday to Mtonga Bay, your guided by revered South African shore fishing guide Manni. With a lifetime of experience fishing for Sharks and rays from South African beaches, respected amongst the sport fishing community in South Africa. Manni will be on hand to take care of you while your fishing, helping you with everything from baiting, casting, to giving advice if needed, plus helping you land your fish. When fishing from the shore in South Africa, using light fishing tackle, you will have good rod sensitivity ensuring you do not miss a bite, making sure you get the best experience from your sport fishing holiday. When you target these massive sea beasts of a Shark, who live in these Indian Ocean waters, your gillie will give you regular respite when fighting this monster fish.


The coastline around Mazeppa Bay in the Eastern Cape is well known worldwide for its magnificent sport shark fishing. This South African coastline is home to impressive shark species, providing our visiting sports anglers with an opportunity to do battle from the shoreline with fish that could exceed 600lb’s in weight. The best things about Mazeppa bay are you will never know what will take your bait the next time around. It could be a magnificent majestic Duckbilled ray, or a fiercely aggressive and barbaric fighting bull shark.


The accommodation at Mtonga Bay is unique and custom-designed, ensuring pleasurable views from the clifftops; whilst having a traditional South African Braai (BBQ), you will be looking out over the beautiful Mtonga bay. 

Each safari style tent has a great kitchen fully staffed with everything you will need, even though this is a full board holiday.

You can share a twin room with two to a room within each area, which will house a group of three to six people for the entirety of your stay. This clifftop safari tented camp; all have twin single beds. The tented camp has a phone, tv, shower/bath, including outside eating area for your relaxation when enjoying a drink in the evenings with barbecues.


Not forgetting this is a full board sportfishing holiday, your breakfast taken in the lounge or alfresco with a cliff view before heading out onto the beach. Stocked with muesli, fruits, yoghurt, cheese and bread served with coffee & tea for breakfast.

Southern African beach shark fishing venue
Mtonga Bay fishing location, South Africa

What's Included: beach shark fishing in South Africa

What's NOT Included: shark fishing from the beach in South Africa

Beach Shark Fishing in South Africa, Itinerary 2024

  • check-in 3 hours beforehand at terminal 5, London Heathrow at 15:20 for departures to South Africa with BA55
  • Flights will depart from Johannesburg at lunchtime and will arrive at Mthata airport (South Africa)  mid afternoon just in time to start the late afternoon fishing session. 
  • BA55 landing at Johannesburg Tambo International Airport at 7:25am local time.
  • Four seasons shooting holidays representative will meet you at arrivals and escort you to your airport transfer vehicle to the Lodge
  • Overland airport from Mthatha to lodge transfer travel time 2 hours and 10 minutes depending on traffic.
  • Shark fishing from sunrise in July starts at approximately 7:50 AM and will conclude at 12 o’clock midday.
  • Barbecue back at the tented camp will be from 12 o’clock midday until 2 PM
  • late afternoon and evening shark fishing will start four hours prior to sunset at 2 PM and conclude at 6 PM
  • Drinks served at the bar with open area seating by a traditional log fire till 11 PM
  • Day 8: morning 6 AM pre-fishing coffee tea and toast in the bar.
  • Early morning shark fishing in South Africa starts at 6:45 AM in-field concluding at 9:30 AM.
  • Depart camp for Mthatha airport transfer at approximately 12 o’clock midday.
  • Arrive at Johannesburg Tambo International departures at 5 PM
  • BA56 departure time Johannesburg Tambo International Airport at 20:10 local time.
  • BA56 landing at London Heathrow Airport at 5:25 AM local time.


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