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South African driven pigeon shooting

South African Rock Pigeons are adaptable birds that can be found in a wide range of environments, including rocky cliffs, mountains, coastal areas, and urban areas. They are well-known for their ability to thrive in both natural and man-made environments.

These pigeons are medium-sized birds, measuring 32-36 centimetres (12-14 inches) in length. Rock pigeons are strongly speckled with white spots. The rest of the body’s upper and lower regions are blue-grey, and the head itself is grey with red patches surrounding the eyes. The neck is brownish, with white streaks, and its legs are red. Males and females are alike, but juveniles are more browned than adults pigeons and don’t have the red eye the patches.

South African Rock Pigeons are known for their acrobatic powerful quick flying. They can frequently be seen flying through the sky or perched on rocky cliffs and rooftops. They are social birds that congregate in large groups, especially when foraging for food.

Pigeon Shooting in South Africa

Their diet consists primarily of seeds and grains. They have been observed feeding on a variety of plants, including sunflowers, maize, and sorghum, making them adaptable foragers.

These pigeons build their nests on ledges or crevices in cliffs, as well as rooftops, gutters, and window ledges. They lay one or two eggs at a time, and both parents incubate the eggs and care for the chicks. They breed three to four times per year.

South African Rock Pigeons are regarded as a pest species of low conservation concern because their populations are healthy and widespread throughout South Africa. Currently, the number of rock pigeons in South Africa is increasing, though this varies from year to year.

South African pigeon shooting is a fantastic opportunity for wing shooters! providing sporting high-volume driven pigeon shooting in South Africa: March and April 2024 

Driven rock pigeons and collared doves fly twice daily into these sunflower, sorghum, and maize fields, with well over one thousand Rock pigeons and doves utilising these arable areas: Early morning flights kick off shortly after sunrise and last 90 minutes: The afternoon driven rock pigeon shooting in South Africa starts around noon, and lasts four hours, with enthusiastic younger clients firing over a thousand cartridges throughout daily driven rock pigeon flights in the morning and afternoon.

Huge flocks of rock pigeons fly in wing-like patterns, up to 150 pigeons strong, just like low-flying November grouse! Rock pigeons fly in smaller groups that resemble high-flying duck rafts. Before advancing on to the next ripening sunflower block, rock pigeons will destroy the sunflower fields nearest to their roosts.


Driven Rock pigeon shooting in South Africa 2025

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Shooting driven rock pigeons in sunflower fields South Africa
Driven rock pigeons over sunflowers in South Africa, March 2022

Driven Rock pigeon shooting package price South Africa 2025

Description of Driven rock pigeon shooting south Africa


Welcome to Four Seasons Shooting, the ideal location for an unforgettable pigeon shooting experience in South Africa’s picturesque landscapes. Our dedication to providing exceptional pigeon shooting adventures has established us as a top choice for enthusiasts and hunters worldwide.

Pigeon Shooting in South Africa: A Unique Experience

The Thrill of the Hunt

At Four Seasons Shooting, we recognise that pigeon shooting is more than a hobby; it’s a way of life. Our vast hunting territories in South Africa allow you to immerse oneself in nature’s beauty while experiencing the thrill of the shooting.

Expert rock pigeon Guides

Our experienced guides are well-versed in the science of rock pigeon shooting. They are well-versed in rock pigeon behaviour, flight lines, and local roosts. You’ll have the greatest chance of an enjoyable and rewarding shoot with their support.

Modern Facilities

Luxurious Accommodations

We prioritise your comfort. We provide luxurious accommodations in the middle of the countryside, to guarantee your stay is as enjoyable as the hunt. Our lodges are outfitted with modern amenities to ensure that your stay with us is both luxurious and memorable.

High-Quality shoot Equipment

We provide high-quality equipment and semiauto shotguns to enhance your shooting experience. Our shotguns, decoys, and ammunition are meticulously maintained to ensure the safety t whilst providing the finest pigeon shooting.

Conservation and Sustainability

Ethical Shooting

Four Seasons Shooting is dedicated to ethical and environmentally friendly shooting practises. We strictly follow local hunting laws and have a great respect for wildlife. We believe in safeguarding nature’s delicate balance while participating in our favourite sport.

Conservation Initiatives

Our company actively supports local conservation efforts. We collaborate with wildlife organisations to maintain and preserve South African pigeon and other wildlife species’ natural habitats.

A Memorable Experience

Culinary Delights

After a thrilling day of rock pigeon shooting, appreciate exquisite South African cuisine served by our skilled chefs. Enjoy a variety of both regional and global dishes while sharing tales with other foodies.

Unforgettable African Scenery

South Africa is well-known for its breathtaking landscapes. Take advantage of your stay by exploring and go sightseeing. Capture the enthralling beauty of South Africa’s city’s and countryside making memories to last a lifetime.

Pigeon shooting Conclusion

Finally, Four Seasons Shooting is the premier pigeon shooting destination in South Africa. Our commitment to providing a memorable, ethical, and immersive experience distinguishes us from the competition. Join us on an unforgettable adventure through South Africa’s wilderness.

Shooting driven rock pigeons
Driven rock pigeons swarming into a standing sunflower field in South Africa May 2022

What's Included

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Driven pigeon shooting in South Africa, Itinerary 2025

  • check-in 3 hours beforehand at terminal 5, London Heathrow at 15:20-Saturday: British Airways-BA55.
  • check-in 4 hours beforehand at terminal 5, London Heathrow at 14:20 departures with a Firearm to South Africa with BA55
  • BA55 departure times 18:20 UK local time
  • BA55 landing at Johannesburg Tambo International Airport at 7:25am local time.
  • Four seasons shooting holidays representative will meet you at arrivals and escort you to your airport transfer vehicle to the Lodge, Alternatively should you be carrying a firearm you will be escorted to the local airport SAPS police station on-site at arrivals to  complete your import export permit for your firearm taking approximately one hour, you will then be escorted to your overland airport transfer vehicle or internal connecting flight.
  • Overland JNB airport to lodge transfer travel time five hours including a 30 minute lunch and toilet break.
  • Four seasons Lodge check-in  at 1:30 PM accompanied with coffee tea and snacks.
  • Evening meal will be  served from 7:30 PM
  • Drinks served at the bar with open area seating by a traditional log fire till 11 PM
  • local driven pigeon shooting 6 AM pre-hunt coffee tea and toast in the bar.
  • Bloemfontein driven pigeon shooting 5 AM pre-hunt coffee tea and toast in the bar.
  • Early morning driven pigeon shooting in South Africa starts at 6:45 AM  concluding at 9:30 AM.
  • local driven pigeon hunts return to the Lodge at 10 AM for full English & continental breakfast.
  • Bloemfontein morning driven pigeon hunts will have breakfast in the field.
  • Afternoon driven pigeon shooting in South Africa starts at 12 o’clock and concludes at 5 PM
  • Arrive back at the Lodge by 6 PM time for a shower before your evening meal served at 7:30 PM
  • Drinks served at the bar with open area seating by a traditional log fire till 11 PM.
  • Leisurely morning  at the lodge with full English & continental breakfast.
  • Depart four seasons Lodge for JNB airport transfer from between 10 am and 12 o’clock midday.
  • Overland lodge to JNB airport transfer travel time five hours including a 30 minute lunch and toilet break.
  • Arrive at Johannesburg Tambo International departures at 5 PM
  • BA56 departure time Johannesburg Tambo International Airport at 20:10 local time.
  • BA56 landing at London Heathrow Airport at 5:30 AM (UK) local time.

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