Goose hunting in South Africa 2024

Hunting geese in South Africa

We have been fortunate enough to hunt waterfowl in every single province of South Africa! After years and countless hours spent looking for good duck or goose hunting grounds, we finally found what is believed by many experts on Dark Continent- two great operations with consistent shooting; top quality service; authentic luxuries which make your experience here truly memorable. You’ll be able not only chase those birds but also explore this amazing country via vehicle tours while being treated like royalty at all times – no matter how big or small any bag may become when you return home after an adventure filled shoot.

Goose & duck hunting season: Opens; 1st June.

Goose & duck hunting season: Closes; 15th September

Hunting waterfowl and gamebirds is a rich tradition that can take you to some of the world’s most beautiful places. What makes this outing so memorable are not only those birds but also their diverse species listing–from Egyptian geese, which offer exhilarating pass shooting as they fly between pre-scouted reservoirs or feeding areas; ducks hunted over decoys with spot & stalk methods when necessary for certain types like mallards , teal bluebills etc.

Goose hunting in South Africa is a unique experience that should be on your “bucket list” if you enjoy shooting birds. Hunters pursue these large wading ground Neighing Geese and Egyptian population, which thrive well across open country with plenty of water around it like lakes or rivers.

Goose hunting in South Africa 2024

Goose hunting in South Africa: Trip Profile

5 Days - 6 Nights
Goose hunting
South Africa
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UK Departure
Farm Lodge
Food & Drink
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June - Sep
South African goose hunting in the Free State
Goose hunting trophy picture in the Free State of South Africa June 2022

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Goose hunting in South Africa: Overview

Goose hunting in South Africa is a centuries-old tradition that has similarities to goose hunting elsewhere in the world. Guides pursued geese by either hunting them along flight paths during morning and evening flights, or with decoys placed near fields where they feed on peanuts and corn; however, the level of pressure goose hunters place on these birds when they are being stalked can vary drastically depending upon location – most continents offer more intense competition than any other area found throughout our planet’s surface!

Hunter’s typically shoot at least 10 geese per day, and it is often a mix of both Egyptian Geese as well as the big Spur Winged goose.  While hunting in South Africa last season I set up on the flight path of about five hundred birds – but only two hundred had come through by late morning! With so many opportunities to take shots there was no way everyone could expect success…But even with lower numbers than expected (and still being hundreds there), when you can get your desired goose its worth all those early mornings out in the wintry freezing air from nearby dams.

The Spur Winged Goose is one of the largest geese in South Africa, with birds weighing up to fifteen pounds. They have black and white feathers that give them an interesting coloration combined with a red bill tip coloured like royalty’s crown – it is no wonder hunters prize these birds for their beauty! Typically found flying in small flocks during early autumn when hunting season starts, also seen inside preferred wetland habitats such as bogs or freshwater marshes where there may not always be visible predators nearby looking out over open fields from time-to shoot at anything coming within hunting distance…

With correct concealment, using professional hides, this challenging quarry can be lured into close range with decoys, sometimes even trying to land within the decoys.

Egyptian Geese are a favoured waterfowl bird trophy, known to be one of the most beautiful from around the globe. With their bright colour combination of black and bright white wings, and soft brown plumage, and striking pink bill. If you are travelling to South Africa, the Nile goose as it is also known should be on your list to hunt.

When hunting Egyptian Geese, you will find that they are not typically as wary or calculating in their flight patterns like the giant Spur Winged. This means it is easy to get close range shots with these birds and multiple shooters can easily bring down a whole skein if conditions allow for such activity (which usually occurs when there’s little hunting competition). The bag limit of ten geese per day also helps prevent a decline in numbers, meaning they are there throughout the season. 

Egyptian Geese are a typically unsuspecting species, which can make them an excellent target for hunters. Their loud rasping call makes it easy to find the birds in fields or swamps without cover; when you do get your chance at hunting one down, they offer close range shots so there is no need worry about missing! With only ten per day limit on these large water birds (and four shooters maximum), they are going quickly enough that most folks do not have trouble getting through their quota before noon—unless something goes wrong.

Geese are wary birds that can be tricky to hunt. To get close enough for an exact shot, you’ll need the right equipment and some patience – especially if they’re feeding in areas with low visibility or foggy conditions!

For best results do your reconnaissance the afternoon before your morning hunt, before hunting geese spend time calling geese into range of shot – try watching how long these geese stay put while eating, do not push these Egyptian geese off their feeding fields before they naturally want to leave at last light, then plan accordingly.

The best time to hunt geese is early in the morning when they are foraging. You should stake out your hunting area and be there well before first light before trying anything, geese of all breeds have sharp vision while flying towards their feeding areas – guides see one or two new hunters taking continuous shots before one goose is shot downed! If you use decoys effectively though (which will bring those annoying yearling geese in extra closer)

To hunt Egyptian geese, hunters need good camouflage, not only for the reconnaissance aspect but whilst geese are out foraging in these areas but also when draw them towards your location. Geese are nervous birds with sharp vision who always look forward when searching the sky in the early morning hours; this makes it easy enough if one can find a suitable place near where they live – which could help avoid any unwanted surprises after shooting down two dozen or more than expected! Using decoys will bring these beautiful creatures right up close and personal before shots fired

The geese are coming! The big challenge when hunting them is to remain concealed. They look down from above and can see anything amiss, so it’s not enough just hiding behind a few hay bales with no cover above you – you’ll have to get really low, if need be, in order for your goose decoys not to be detect any movement or sound made by humans around them while they’re incoming at high speeds towards their target

note the wind direction when you are setting up your hide, and placing your decoys, as Geese like to land into the wind.

Here in this area, we have access to more than 100.000 ha of shooting grounds and unlimited bag days available for thrilling Goose hunting – perfect conditions with high-calorie food sources such as sunflowers, peanuts, and maize – during their migratory period numbers vary from day – to shoot so you never know what might happen! You could experience a great morning when 200+ geese show up at your decoy pattern, but it is also common: on occasional mornings yield over 300 geese arriving at the pattern of decoys.

The Geese have been coming into feed on our crops for months now, so we know their routes well – we just need an early start well before would be best

In addition – because these birds rest during daybreak hours after flying over open water lakes where stealth tactics are key.

Majority of goose hunts are open field hunting and take place over harvested fields and where winter crops are still standing or recently harvested. We scout them daily to find the most active feeds and have a network of farmers who invite us to protect their crops. We are hunting Geese over large spreads of decoys from low profile pit blinds or hides in hedges. The Geese sleep on the lakes and flood pans overnight and come in to feed early in the morning as the sunlight starts to break over the horizon. therefore, an early start is important. We are starting our day around 60-90 minutes before sunrise, goose guides get hunters dug in with hides set and have all the decoy spreads placed out, before the quarry arrive at the hunting fields.

Hunting geese with Jack Pyke in South Africa
Goose hunting with Gavin, Glenn and Pete from with Jack Pyke clothing team in South Africa June 2022

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Goose hunting in South Africa: Itinerary 2024

  • check-in 3 hours beforehand at terminal 5, London Heathrow at 15:20 for departures to South Africa with BA55
  • check-in 4 hours beforehand at terminal 5, London Heathrow at 14:24 departures with a Firearm to South Africa with BA55
  • BA 55 departure times 18:20 local time
  • BA55 landing at Johannesburg Tambo International Airport at 7:25am local time.
  • Four seasons shooting holidays representative will meet you at arrivals and escort you to your airport transfer vehicle to the Lodge, Alternatively should you be carrying a firearm you will be escorted to the local airport SAPS police station on-site at arrivals to  complete your import export permit for your firearm taking approximately one hour, you will then be escorted to your overland airport transfer vehicle or internal connecting flight.
  • Overland JNB airport to lodge transfer travel time five hours including a 30 minute lunch and toilet break.
  • Four seasons Lodge check-in  at 1:30 PM accompanied with coffee tea and snacks.
  • Evening meal will be  served from 7:30 PM
  • Drinks served at the bar with open area seating by a traditional log fire till 11 PM
  • local goose hunting 6 AM pre-hunt coffee tea and toast in the bar.
  • Bloemfontein pigeon shooting 5 AM pre-hunt coffee tea and toast in the bar.
  • Early morning goose hunting in South Africa starts at 6:45 AM  concluding at 9:30 AM.
  • local goose hunts return to the Lodge at 10 AM for full English & continental breakfast.
  • Bloemfontein morning goose hunts will have breakfast in the field.
  • Afternoon Rock pigeon shooting in South Africa starts at 12 o’clock and concludes at 3 PM
  • evening goose and duck flights start at 3:30 PM and conclude at 5 PM.
  • Arrive back at the Lodge by 6 PM time for a shower before your evening meal served at 7:30 PM
  • Drinks served at the bar with open area seating by a traditional log fire till 11 PM.
  • Leisurely morning  at the lodge with full English & continental breakfast.
  • Depart four seasons Lodge for JNB airport transfer from between 10 am and 12 o’clock midday.
  • Overland JNB airport to lodge transfer travel time five hours including a 30 minute lunch and toilet break.
  • Arrive at Johannesburg Tambo International departures at 5 PM
  • BA56 departure time Johannesburg Tambo International Airport at 20:10 local time.
  • BA56 landing at London Heathrow Airport at 5:30 AM (UK) local time.

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Goose hunting in South Africa 2024