Plains Game Management & Cull Hunting in South Africa, 2024

Cull hunting plains game in South Africa

Plains game management & cull hunting is becoming more popular than ever before in South Africa. people think it is only the wealthiest who can afford to go on these trips, but this is not true at all! With cull hunting being a part of the natural management aspect needed to support healthy animals and with affordable flights from Johannesburg and daily rates under £200 per day for accommodation in camp or basic hotels; there has never been a better time than now if you are looking for a real hunting adventure.

The abundance of antelope species in Southern Africa, especially makes it an absolute paradise for those who would management & cull hunt game for the table; with excess meat in high demand the per kilo price often covers a good proportion of the management cull hunt. With more than five times more hunters coming from all over to visit this destination every year alone – compared with the Big Five–plains game hunting has never been better!

Southern African plains game management & cull hunting maybe conducted throughout a variety of geographic areas which can vary widely from densely wooded to savanna with open plains and grasslands. The type and location have an impact on how successful your hunt will be, but there are always unique challenges associated with each area – no matter where you choose to hunt in southern Africa! 

The vast, open plains of the Free State may demand shots out to three hundred paces whilst thick thorn bush can present a challenge for hunting, with shots that will often need to be taken within one hundred yards in thicket areas.

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Plains game management hunting in South Africa
Hunter with his trophy lechwe in South Africa

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Plains game management & cull hunting in South Africa: Overview

Most plains game species hunted in South Africa range from the small: – Warthog and steenbok to the Large Eland and Magnificent Kudu.

Plains game hunting draws in more hunters from around the world to South Africa each year, far more than even the Big Five and Trophy hunting “combined”; -Southern Africa has more species of plains & bush game animals than any other world-wide destination on the planet. The bounty of antelope species in Southern Africa, so southern Africa makes it a hunter’s paradise for those cull hunting medium-sized plains game.

For Most, plains game hunting in Africa has been nothing more than a wish list dream, as most people’s understanding of the African hunting dream is it is way too expensive for the working person and only for affluent hunters.

When the reality is, booking an enjoyable plains game management & cull hunting safari in South Africa is notably less than the average Scottish stalking trip for Red Stag’s

Southern African plains game management & cull hunting takes place in a variety of different geographical typography which may vary tremendously in climate, flora, and topography. The management & cull hunting areas can range from dense wooded bushveld to wide open veld. The diverse plains game found from the bushveld in Limpopo province to the large open veld-plains of the Free State and the arid sands and heavy thorn bush in the Kalahari. All regions offer a unique hunting habitat for plains game, which is unique for every varied species of plains game animals which holds its own diverse challenges for the plains game hunter. Hunting in bushveld presents its own set of challenges, due to dense cover, quick opportunistic shots present at 50 yards or less. The huge expanse of the open plains in the Free State may dictate a shot taken at ranges of three hundred yards, whilst the dense thorn bushy cover in the Kalahari will often force a hunter to take a shot at 25 yards when an animal approached with stealth. The stalking can be physically challenging due to the appearance of endless sands.

Hunting techniques used will vary based upon the individual hunter’s preference. Ranging from walk and stalk with use of binoculars and hunting from blinds with a compound-bow or rifle. Clients with disabilities or persons where excessive physical activity would be out of the question by age or medical condition, professional hunters would recommend hunting from one of our fully equipped hunting 4 by 4 vehicles.

Plains Game is an ancient term that dates to the earliest days of African safaris. The name may sound misleading because species belonging in ‘plains game’ will however be found in a diverse array of different landscapes, not only on open land, but also mountain habitats and swamps; they commonly inhabit every habitat known throughout Africa! Roughly speaking though – if you are between small prey (Wing-shooting) and the large ‘Dangerous 7’ animals such elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion, leopard, crocodile, and hippo.

Hunts can vary based on preference and physical ability. A client with a disability or anyone whose activity limitations by age will find it easy to hunt from one of our well-equipped vehicles, while someone who prefers the stalk may want more time at ground level for quieter target acquisition before taking the shot.

We use different approaches in hunting plains game cull animals depending upon what you are after, from walking through open grasslands where shots tend to stretch out three hundred paces away, to up close and personal, close quarters hunting in thick thorn bushes which require closer range hunting methods like, checking ambush spots ahead of time with binoculars.

Stalks often lead you through endless sand dunes with only limited concealment from animals or other humans along your journey – making it strenuous both physically as well as mentally if one has too much sun in general! However, there are ways around these difficulties such as hunting by foot when available; and using blinds during stalk phases allowing clients to rest, which gives one more flexibility since they do not need any equipment besides themselves (food & water); getting help via vehicle surveillance where we take care of everything else for clients.

The list of animals found on the plains is extensive, with creatures belonging to multiple families. Examples include antelopes, giraffes, porcine include both bushpigs/warthogs and baboons! There are more than just mammals here though – birds like ostriches can supply challenging sport.

The plains game of Africa is a fantastic and affordable introduction to the world’s most famous hunting destinations. Impala, Springbuck, Wildebeest or Warthog culled as good representation trophies only; that will please any safari-goer on a budget; while more desirable species such as Oryx (a type often requiring weeks of dedication), Kudu Sable Nyala Eland may cost you thousands in fees.

Plain’s game cull hunting by spot-and-stalk method. The hunter will often cruise around in their safari vehicle or on foot, looking for any animals they may be able to track down and hunt via walk and stalk with sticks, great discipline, necessary when approaching antelopes who tend not to move very much from one place before eating; bowhunting over water holes works well too because these beasts come out at night-time!

African Plain’s game cull hunting, found in different habitats throughout southern Africa, the way that you approach will depend on what type of terrain you are hunting in. You might start out by looking for any signs near a good watering hole or move closer to where they are spending time during their day-to day wanderings, before becoming more active at night when food is scarcer.

The variety and abundance of wildlife in Southern Africa is unparalleled to any other place on Earth. This incredible natural resource has made the region a hunters’ paradise for centuries, with vast herds dotting the savannas from Cape Town to Pretoria.

All hunts in southern Africa are plains game hunting safaris. Southern Sub-Saharan has an incredible variety and density unlike anywhere else on Earth, making it a paradise for hunters looking to bag their next big score!

Management & cull hunting safaris in Africa are incredible value for money. As a hunter, you can go on African plains game-hunting expeditions and stay in luxury accommodations while keeping your costs low!

Plains game management hunting in South Africa
Javid Akbar kudu bull 10th February 2018

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Plains game management & cull hunting in South Africa, Itinerary 2024

  • check-in 3 hours beforehand at terminal 5, London Heathrow at 15:20-Saturday: British Airways-BA55.
  • check-in 4 hours beforehand at terminal 5, London Heathrow at 14:20 departures with a Firearm to South Africa with BA55
  • BA55 departure times 18:20 UK local time
  • BA55 landing at Johannesburg Tambo International Airport at 7:25am local time.
  • Four seasons shooting holidays representative will meet you at arrivals and escort you to your airport transfer vehicle to the Lodge, Alternatively should you be carrying a firearm you will be escorted to the local airport SAPS police station on-site at arrivals to  complete your import export permit for your firearm taking approximately one hour, you will then be escorted to your overland airport transfer vehicle or internal connecting flight.
  • Overland transfer time from JNB airport to lodge is five hours, including a 30-minute lunch and toilet break.
  • Four seasons Lodge check-in  at 1:30 PM accompanied with coffee tea and snacks.
  • Depart the Lodge at 2 PM in the late afternoon to check rifle zero, till 5 PM
  • Arrive back at the Lodge by 6 PM time for a shower before your evening meal served at 7:30 PM
  • Drinks served at the bar with open area seating by a traditional log fire till 11 PM
  • 6 AM pre-hunt coffee tea and toast in the bar.
  • Early morning dangers game hunting in South Africa starts at 6:45 AM  concluding at 10:30 AM.
  • Return to the Lodge at 11 AM for full English & continental breakfast.
  • Afternoon plains game cull hunting in South Africa starts at 2 PM and concludes at 5 PM
  • Arrive back at the Lodge by 6 PM time for a shower before your evening meal served at 7:30 PM
  • Drinks served at the bar with open area seating by a traditional log fire till 11 PM.
  • Day 8:  6 AM starts with pre-hunt coffee tea and toast in the bar.
  • Early morning plains game cull hunt in South Africa starts at 6:45 AM in-field concluding at 10 AM.
  • Return to the Lodge at 10:30 AM for full English & continental breakfast.
  • Depart four seasons Lodge for JNB airport transfer 12 o’clock midday.
  • Overland JNB airport to lodge transfer travel time five hours including a 30 minute lunch and toilet break.
  • Arrive at Johannesburg Tambo International departures at 5 PM
  • BA56 departure time Johannesburg Tambo International Airport at 20:10 local time.
  • BA56 landing at London Heathrow Airport at 5:25 AM local time.

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Plains game management & cull hunting in South Africa 2024

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