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Game bird simulated shooting

The combination of superb topography with stunning scenery and good company is why all from the game bird shooting paternity enjoy traditional “simulated driven game shooting” without the addition of the ‘shoot it, cook it, eat it’ code of practice.

A policy that all self-respecting game bird shooting should follow these days.

Simulated game days, offer all the pleasures and enjoyments of game bird shooting with fabulous scenery old friends but with typically warmer and drier summer weather, but without having the pleasure of eating what you shoot.

The perfect way to entertain family, friends, and business colleagues, simulated game bird shooting has all the same features of a traditional game bird shooting, but clay targets are used instead of our traditional live Game birds such as: – pheasant, partridge, grouse, or duck shooting. A wide range of diverse game bird shooting drives is offered, creating a good representation of pheasants over woodlands, partridges off the banks, grouse over butts, even ducks or flighting pigeons.

Days can be arranged on existing syndicate game bird shooting estates and farms, incorporating some of your famous estate game bird shooting drives for the simulated game shooting event.

Simulated game bird shooting in 2024

Simulated game bird shooting: Trip Profile


1 Day


From £195


4000 clays


South-down's Lavant

group size

16 pegs


West Sussex UK

UK Departure



Hotel or B&B

Food & Drink

Fully catered



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Simulated game bird shooting: Overview

What is simulated game bird shooting?

The Game bird shooting season ends on the 1st  of February; so this is a fantastic way for game bird shooting syndicates, friends, family, and colleagues to get together outside of the game bird shooting season, enabling them to enjoy leisure time together, to practice their driven game bird shooting skills, which as we all know is important if you wish to keep your skill level to a good standard when the game bird season starts again on the 12th of August. When the shooting season ends most game bird shooters do not pick the gun up again until the following game bird season. (Usually, simulated game bird shooting days run from February to August) Simulated game bird shooting days run in the same way as the traditional pheasant or grouse shooting syndicates, with all the same great traditions associated with game bird shooting. The dress code accepted as being casual compared to the usual tweeds. All the trimmings such as good home-cooked food and drink provided. The usual game shooting etiquette of not shooting your neighbouring guns birds will be completely disregarded in the quest for fun, this all adds to the entertainment of the day’s simulated game bird shooting. Another great advantage with simulated game bird shooting is you always exceed your bag limit by four or five times the number of birds on offer, as the simulated game birds always show up on time at each drive “guaranteed.” We have estates within a one-hour drive from the centre of London, and the surrounding counties with great hotels and B&B for those people that wish to make a weekend of it in the beautiful countryside.  

You will start off with breakfast, before the mornings briefing, the briefing explains how the simulated day will run, two guns per peg each taking it in turns to shoot and load. You will shoot one drive and stop for elevenses, preceded by two further drives with an extended three course lunch served by our in-house catering team, after shooting the fourth and final drive completing your shooting for the day, you will head back to the marquee for tea and cake, where we will wish you farewell and a safe drive home! Four different drives will have been offered throughout the day, enabling you to learn how to shoot distinct species of game birds, in a variety of different situations.  

For people that love shooting driven game days, simulated game shooting is an ideal way to enjoy the company of friends outside the normal game bird season, with gorgeous scenery and great weather to boot. There is nothing like dusting off your shot gun for preseason practice throughout the spring and summer months, with beautiful weather, having an enjoyable day out with friends and family members, who come together from near and far, shooting at challenging simulated game birds! A range of different drives usually includes pheasants over woodland; partridges skipping over hedgerows, where good timing and quick reactions are key; if you are lucky there will be simulated ducks & pigeon drives added into the mix – but no matter what game bird you prefer to shoot, it all belongs under one category: simulated game shooting.  

simulated game shooting has all the thrills, fun and good company that you can find in traditional game bird shoots. The game birds replaced with clay targets, so unfortunately, they do not make good eating, but it is an ideal way to enjoy a day with friends or make new friendships, in your favourite sport with like-minded people! A range of different drives usually offering a good representation of different game birds to shoot at, such as partridges over valleys, ducks driven from steep banks.  

Whether you are looking for a team-building corporate experience with your favourite clients or just want to try out that experimental new drive, our simulated game bird shooting days will supply an unforgettable experience. With truly spectacular scenery, amidst beautiful English countryside; we offer 16-peg shooting groups, complete with (great food & drink) throughout the day.  

A day spent in the grounds of a beautiful shooting estate, with an experienced professional coach by your side; it does not get better than this!  

You will never experience simulated driven game shooting, as good as this anywhere else! our drives consist of low driven Grouse, Partridge, and Duck. Come to one of our Simulated Game Shooting days, where you can challenge your skills against high pheasants, in a picturesque environment, with full on adrenaline pumping excitement.  

Richard Mumford…. Head instructor on simulated game bird shooting, says that if there is one shooting technique to master, its driven game bird shooting with both eyes open. He recommends these pre-season warmups, for any type of game bird shooting, people who have not shot in earlier season, simulated game days run all summer long–whether for an avid game shot or clay shooting enthusiast, just looking into new ways to get together with friends!  

The best way to stay sharp through the long summer months is with a pre-season simulated game bird warm up shoot, or if you just want to have fun with friends – Richard Mumford suggests Simulated Game bird Shooting! It is great for newcomers as well because it replicates all aspects of game shooting, with shooting conducted in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.  

Simulated game days are great for exposing experienced shots to new and difficult birds. They supply a safe, controlled environment in which you can get the most out of your practice and improve your overall shooting game! For beginners or those without any experience an instructor is always there by their side, so they do not feel left out during this learning process.”  

Game Shooters can get the fun of game shooting without having to pay game bird shooting prices during the summer months. Simulated game days are rapidly growing in popularity because they offer all the excitement and fun of a game day without the expense, which normally goes with game shooting, this is perfect if you are new to game bird shooting or just want to polish your game shooting skills, before the forthcoming game shooting season.  

The South Downs game shooting estates offer one of the most popular and successful game shooting venues throughout Great Britain. The 50,000 acres of joint estates has long been regarded as a showcase for British shooting with its steep valleys that offer challenging game bird shooting from wooded hillsides or hedge skipping Partridge, depending on what driven shooting you are looking to take part in!  

We also supply an excellent variety of simulated driven bird targets every year, which closely replicates real live game bird shooting experiences, by supplying good variety of diverse targets within each drive, rather than having repetitive drives throughout the day.  

Simulated Game Shooting replicates all aspect of game bird shooting, making this an excellent form of corporate entertainment or perfect for a shooting syndicate of friends enabling them to get together outside of the game shooting season. It also offers the perfect introduction to newcomers to game bird shooting. 

Shooting simulated game birds
Mark Willmott and his group on the simulated game bird shooting day

What's Included

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Simulated game bird shooting Itinerary

Clients attending one of our simulated game bird shoots will follow a pin drop sent to them via WhatsApp, when they click the link it will open up in Google maps and take them to the car park on the farm where they will be met at 9;30 am by a host from four seasons simulated game shooting.

The day starts with a social gathering on the estate grounds, where you will enjoy a bacon roll with tea and coffee served alfresco style under our marquee by our resident chef.

The syndicate shoot captain will explain the day with you and give a detailed safety talk. Don’t worry if you haven’t been on a simulated game bird shooting before, we will have staff on hand who will advise and assist you with anything you are unclear about.

Drive one, is set on a gently undulating hillside presenting Driven Grouse, Set in the most spectacular parts of the South Downs National Park-lands, with truly breath-taking views, drive one will take place on open groun

After the first drive, we will return to the lodge to have champagne and light snacks.

Drive Two is set in the base of a wooded narrow ravine beautifully sheltered from the elements, where high-driven Pheasant shooting targets are presented.

Moving on swiftly making sure you have enough cartridges for the next drive.

Drive Three placed perfectly on the edge of a steep slope with tall trees to your back, bank-side driven Partridge shooting targets are presented with some creative angles to challenge the most experienced of shots.

To a stunning vista with a welcoming atmosphere and enjoy a home-cooked three-course lunch, local wine and ales served with your meal.

Drive Four, located at the bottom of an old prehistoric quarry offering 60 yard high driven and crossing Pheasants with a royal flush of birds on offer.

We will then return to the estate’s lodge to enjoy freshly baked fruit cake with tea before you depart at 4 pm.


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Simulated game bird shooting

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Simulated game bird shooting 2024

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