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Shooting simulated game

The favourite clay shooting discipline for game bird shooting enthusiasts.

Simulated game shooting events offer realistic game bird shooting and is becoming the number one summertime activity for game bird shooting enthusiasts outside of the shooting season, giving the perfect opportunity to practice out of season while also improving their shooting technique with friends and colleagues from their game shooting syndicate.

Not being able to enjoy your passion for Field sports year-round comes as a disappointment to all.

Simulated game shooting days enable you to spend a fantastic day with your game shooting friends, just like you would during the season. This gives the perfect opportunity to host exclusive, unique one-day events for your business clients and employees.

So, what is simulated game shooting about?

Read further to learn everything you ever wanted to know about this new clay target shooting sport.

As we have said before, simulated game shooting is a clay target Field sport that replaces all aspects of game shooting in the off-season.

While clients will not be shooting live quarry, as during the shooting season, clay targets replace live Game birds but mimic driven pheasants, partridges, grouse, and ducks, as close to the real thing as possible.

Simulated game shooting days, held on an exclusive country estate incorporates stunning drives and topography designed for game bird shooting. This offers symbiotic benefits, giving a year-round income for Estates along with increased trade to the local pub’s, hotels, and bed & breakfasts establishments.

Typically, simulated game shooting events run exactly like a driven game bird shooting day, during the shooting season.

Simulated Game Shooting near London.

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Simulated game shooting: Trip Profile


1 Day


From £195


4000 clays


South-down's Lavant

group size

16 pegs


West Sussex UK

UK Departure



Hotel or B&B

Food & Drink

Fully catered



Simulated game Shooting Trip Highlights

Simulated game shooting: Overview

The day starts off with a coffee and bacon roll for breakfast for all clients; during which your host will run through a safety briefing, keep this in mind throughout your day.

Once breakfast has concluded, touring the shooting estate in 4×4’s; stopping off to shoot each different drive-in turn on the estate. Even though you might have to walk a short way to your peg, the experience and topography makes it well worth the effort.

The estate tour, followed by a beautiful three course lunch, within the estate grounds.

If you are wondering: do I have to be an experience shot to enable me to take part in one of these events?

The answer is categorically NO.

No experience needed to join a day of simulated game shooting. More to the point, it is a fantastic way for novices to take their first steps into the world of game and clay shooting; English Estates always have staff and instructors to hand, helping you with anything you need.

So, if you have been contemplating the idea for a while but cannot decide if this field sport is for you, a day of simulated game shooting will answer all your questions.

Now to answer those important questions and making your decision an easy one.

What are the main differences between a live game bird shooting day and a simulated game shooting day?

There are three main differences. The first and most obvious is the type of targets used in each:

On game bird shooting days, targets are live quarry (pheasants, partridge, grouse, and ducks, etc).

On simulated game shooting days, clay pigeon targets used to simulate driven pheasants, partridge, grouse, and ducks as close to the real thing as possible.

The second difference is the volume of targets to shoot:

Game bird shooting days, offer fixed numbers of birds shot (between 40 and 600) expected bag size.

No limits placed on the number of targets shot on simulated game shooting; however, 3000 to 6000 targets presented is the normal for the estate throughout the day.

The third difference is what happens when you shoot other participants targets:

On traditional game shooting days, shooting other people’s birds & targets considered bad sportsmanship and looked down upon.

The host actively encourages simulated game shooting participants, to shoot at your neighbour’s targets on simulated game days.

What equipment do I need for a simulated game shooting day?

Just like all sports, PPE, needed for clay shooting, equipment needed for simulated game shooting events are shotgun and cartridges. You will need a hat to protect your head and face from any broken clay fragments, safety glasses protecting your eyes, and the obvious one, although not mandatory, you may experience tinnitus on the short term, or this could be permanent if the correct hearing protection not worn.

Obviously, you should wear clothes and footwear suitable for the countryside at the time of year you will be partaking in the simulated game shooting.

Do I need to have a shot gun or shot gun licence?

If you already own your own shot gun and would like to bring it with you to the simulated game shooting day, the event organiser will ask to see your licence and insurance, insurance will need purchase in advance.

If you are travelling from Europe to the UK and wish to bring your own shot gun, we can be your ambassador and sponsor applying for a temporary year shot gun permit; cost £100 including postage of your new licence to your European home address.

You do not need your shot gun fitted to be able to shoot on a simulated game shoot, however a well fitted gun means you will be able to shoot more consistently receiving less recoil, meaning less self-adjustment needed for each shot and the chances of a miss mount with an unpleasant bruise at the start of the day will make the simulated game shooting much more pleasurable.

If you do not have a shot gun, being new to Field sports and are still contemplating applying for your own shot gun licence, you can hire, and estate shot gun and loader. Estates where simulated game shooting events take place will provide this service, if notified in advance.

In this case, it is advisable to ask for an instructors aid rather than just a loader.

Please note that, prohibited persons with earlier convictions or custodial sentences served, are not able to take part in the shooting on a simulated game day.

What would be the best cartridges to use for a simulated game day?

Best cartridges to shoot on a simulated game day would be 21 g to 24 g cartridges (shot size 7.5 Or 8).

Clients often fire anywhere from 300 to 800 cartridges throughout the course of a simulated game shooting day. Making the use of lighter cartridges highly recommended as this significantly reduces recoil. Shooting estates have also started to accept the implementation of biodegradable wads along with traditional fibre wads, which offer a practical and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic cup wads.

Additionally, in the ethos of being environmentally friendly, steel shot introduced to simulated game days, replacing the lead shot which, although more expensive, is less damaging environmentally. (For those using steel shot the tightest chokes used must be half choke or less).

Another crucial point to bear in mind is that the estate manager oversees clean-up duty and removal of all clays and cartridges used during simulated game days, so be thorough in place all your spent cartridge shells in your bin provided.

How much does a simulated game shooting day cost?

Obviously, depending on the estates location and where you plan to spend this fantastic day will give variation in cost.

On average, the cost of a simulated game shoot is less than the cost of a traditional live Game bird shooting day.

Four seasons simulated game shooting prices: £195 per peg.

Where can I enjoy a simulated game day?

There are places available to enjoy simulated game shooting in Lavant, West Sussex.

If you live in the UK and are considering a staycation in a different part of the country with four seasons shooting, or you are thinking of travelling from Europe taking a holiday here, then a day of clay shooting lessons at a local sporting ground, followed by a simulated game shooting day to practice your newly learnt skills makes for a great long weekend. Game & clay shooting lessons.

Contact us for our dates in the county of West Sussex, we will be happy to help you find the best dates for your group on our simulated game shooting estate near Lavant.

With all this information at your fingertips, the only thing left for four seasons shooting to say is have a smashing time at simulated game shooting.

Tips to keep in mind:

  • listen closely to the breakfast briefing.
  • Enjoy the day: put your mobile phone in the car.
  • Follow all shooting safety rules, this is for your own benefit.


Make sure you remember your peg number, that you drew at the safety briefing during breakfast.

Enjoy your day, give us constructive feedback on how we can improve your future simulated game shooting days.

Have you already experienced simulated game shooting, tell us about it!

If you are a pro at simulated game shooting, please give feedback to your host for the day.

Simulated game shooting West Sussex
West Sussex simulated game shooting

What's Included

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Simulated game shooting Itinerary

Clients attending one of our simulated game bird shoots will follow a pin drop sent to them via WhatsApp, when they click the link it will open up in Google maps and take them to the car park on the farm where they will be met at 9;30 am by a host from four seasons simulated game shooting.

The day starts with a social gathering on the estate grounds, where you will enjoy a bacon roll with tea and coffee served alfresco style under our marquee by our resident chef. The syndicate shoot captain will explain the day with you and give a detailed safety talk. Don’t worry if you haven’t been on a simulated game bird shooting before, we will have staff on hand who will advise and assist you with anything you are unclear about.

Drive one, is set on a gently undulating hillside presenting Driven Grouse, Set in the most spectacular parts of the South Downs National Park-lands, with truly breath-taking views, drive one will take place on open ground.

After the first drive, we will return to the lodge to have champagne and light snacks.

Drive Two is set in the base of a wooded narrow ravine beautifully sheltered from the elements, where high-driven Pheasant shooting targets are presented. Moving on swiftly making sure you have enough cartridges for the next drive. Drive Three placed perfectly on the edge of a steep slope with tall trees to your back, bank-side driven Partridge shooting targets are presented with some creative angles to challenge the most experienced of shots.

To a stunning vista with a welcoming at all atmosphere and enjoy a home-cooked three-course lunch, local wine and ales served with your meal.

Drive Four, located at the bottom of an old prehistoric quarry offering 60 yard high driven and crossing Pheasants with a royal flush of birds on offer.

We will then return to the estate’s lodge to enjoy freshly baked fruit cake with tea before you depart at 4 pm.


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