wingshooting in South Africa 2025

South Africa wing shooting

The best wing shooting opportunities are in southern Africa within the Free State.

Wingshooting season: Opens; 1st June.

Wingshooting season: Closes; 15th September

Wing shooting is the art of using a shot gun to shoot all manner and species of birds in flight.

Becoming a proficient wing shooter, takes time practice and effort, learning how to wing shoot game birds in the field; wing shooters, should first practise on a clay shooting range with a qualified shotgun shooting instructor, before a wing shooter enters onto the game field to shoot live quarry in flight.

To summarise what wing-shooting compared to other types and styles of hunting and shooting, wing-shooting is simply the technique of shooting a bird or target in-flight and calculating the correct distance to shoot ahead of your target whilst keeping the shot gun moving, therefore giving you a clean kill, this is somewhat of a dark art to many hunters that are new to wing-shooting, when in reality there are a distinct set of rules and techniques that enable you to become a consistent wing shooter, enabling you to shoot moving targets with precision and ease.

Wing shooters use three basic techniques to calculate the correct lead (distance you are shooting in front of the bird or moving target), speed of gun swing is also very important, number one: a traditional Wing shooters technique would be “Swing through”, number two: a technique called “Pull away”, number three: “Maintained lead”, each of these techniques would be used in different circumstances when wing shooting.

One technique does not fit all styles of wing shooting, an accomplished proficient wing shooter will use all three techniques as required depending on the presentation of the bird in flight.

Wing-shooting in South Africa 2025

Wing shooting in South Africa: Trip Profile

5 Days - 6 Nights
GBP 1475
South Africa
group size
UK Departure
Farm Lodge
Food & Drink
all inclusive
March - Sep
Wingshooting in South Africa
Geoff has just shot his first yellow bill ducks in South Africa on a wingshooting holiday May 2018

Wing shooting in South Africa: Package price 2025

Wing shooting in South Africa: Overview

Southern Africa, blessed with, wild game bird populations of more than fifty varied species. With twenty wing-shooting game species available, shot on a regular seasonal basis. Species include Guinea fowl with a variety of Partridge, Orange River Francolin is the most common, eight varieties of doves, including the famous rock pigeon, Sandgrouse, Quail, with a variety of Ducks and Teal, Not forgetting the Egyptian and Spur winged goose. 

“A perfect day Wing shooting in South Africa”

Nestled in the shadows of the Maluti Mountain range, between the Orange River in the south and the Vaal River in the north, are soft undulating hills covered with lush green grass and small lakes. In the Eastern Free State, you will find Tweespruit, our wing shooting destination. A beautiful small town about one hour’s drive, East of Bloemfontein, where you will find the home of Four Season’s Wing Shooting in South Africa, with Wild Game bird shooting for the more adventurous Wing-Shooter.

Midday international transfer lodge arrivals

Upon arrival, the Lodge host will show clients to the beautifully kept accommodation from which you will be able to select an en-suite room of your choice. either in the main house or similarly from a range of rooms situated around the lodge compound. Drinks served upon arrival at the bar. If you are not too tired from the traveling, we can set off for your first afternoon Duck & Goose wing shoot, or if you prefer, upland game such as Franklin & Guinea fowl wing shooting.

Dining and evening entertainment

That evening, you will have a freshly cooked meal in the traditional South African home-style dining room. After dinner, you will retire to the bar or around the fire pit to enjoy a nightcap. 
The evening sky is bright and clear, filled with stars, you begin to relax, you wonder why life cannot always be this tranquil, appreciating why Four seasons shooting holidays has been coming back to the Free State for over 23 years. 

South Africa Wing-Shooting holiday’s

Morning Goose wing shooting in South Africa

The first shoot of the day will start around 06:00am and you will be shooting Egyptian and Spur wing geese over decoys, from pit-blinds in stubble or furrowed winter wheat fields, or you can begin the morning, flighting various species of duck as they move up and down the local dam systems. Once the goose flight is over at 09:00am, you will travel back to the Lodge for a home-cooked English breakfast.

Next……Rock pigeon wing shooting in South Africa

After a hearty AL-Fresco breakfast served out on the patio, you will have a choice of  Rock Pigeon shooting over sunflowers from a hide, using decoys and pigeon magnets, or depending on the flight line coming to the fields, it’s often possible to shoot flighting Rock Pigeons & Doves, these can be very challenging! as they fly into the fields from about 11:00am where they spend the next 3-4 hours wheeling around the sunflower stubble fields, before flying back to the distant mountains from 2:00pm until 4:00pm. Rock pigeons fly in Partridge like coveys from between six feet off the ground to three hundred feet up. NB: four seasons shooting holidays recommends a good pair of sunglasses, as wing shooting against a pale blue sky can tire the eyes very quickly.

Guinea fowl wing shooting in South Africa

Another challenging possibility that can be quite an experience, is a driven Guinea fowl shoot in the style of a classic English driven pheasant day. (Advance notice and a minimum group size of 10 people needed)
Wing shooting Guinea Fowl in South Africa are quite different from their English counterparts, as South African Guinea fowl coveys vary from twenty birds to coveys of 300 to 400, and with hundreds of eyes makes for a highly intelligent flock of birds. The guide aims to chase them across the open plains using 4 by 4 vehicles to get the Guinea fowl coveys to flight twice, breaking the super flocks up into small groups, birds will then sit tight making it possible to walk them up with GSP’s or with a walking gun line, If the guide gets it right you can hardly load fast enough.

Walk one stand one guinea fowl wing shooting.

A different strategy is for the guide to gather up a group of local farmers and divide them into two teams, one team will stand while the other team walks, through the crops of maize whilst shooting.

Duck wing shooting in South Africa

After the Rock pigeon & dove wing shooting, we break for a coffee and late afternoon snack, then prepare for the final wild game bird wing shoot of the day. This can either be Duck shooting over lakes or flighting; setting up for the last hour of daylight gives us 30-45 minutes of great action as the waterfowl fly back to roost on the dams.

Upland game bird wing shooting in South Africa

Walked-up Orange River Francolin, Grey & Red Winged Partridge, Quail shooting over German Short Haired Pointers (GSP’s). 

Once the duck flight is over, it is back to the lodge to warm up in front of the fire, before sitting down to dinner and a chance to recount the day’s activity and share the plans for the following day.

Water bird wing shooting in South Africa

As an alternative to the Four Season’s shooting at Tweespruit Lodge, would be to hunt at Luckhof, Four Season’s wing shooting, waterfowl bird shooting Lodge, 4 hours west where we have concessions to shoot Egyptian & Spur wing Geese in large numbers on the Orange River, as well as ducks and pigeons. This would be a 2 to 3-day excursion, travel arrangements can be organised for you at no extra cost, travelling and accommodation provided, but we would need to arrange at least 2 weeks prior to your wing shooting trip.

This schedule of Wild Game Bird Wing Shooting is available daily.

South Africa wing-shooting
Feeding pans for wing-shooting in the Free State of South Africa May 2022

What's Included

What's NOT Included

Wing-shooting in South Africa: Itinerary 2023

  • check-in 3 hours beforehand at terminal 5, London Heathrow at 15:20 for departures to South Africa with BA55
  • check-in 4 hours beforehand at terminal 5, London Heathrow at 14:24 departures with a Firearm to South Africa with BA55
  • BA 55 departure times 18:20 local time
  • BA55 landing at Johannesburg Tambo International Airport at 7:25am local time.
  • Four seasons shooting holidays representative will meet you at arrivals and escort you to your airport transfer vehicle to the Lodge, Alternatively should you be carrying a firearm you will be escorted to the local airport SAPS police station on-site at arrivals to  complete your import export permit for your firearm taking approximately one hour, you will then be escorted to your overland airport transfer vehicle or internal connecting flight.
  • Overland JNB airport to lodge transfer travel time five hours including a 30 minute lunch and toilet break.
  • Four seasons Lodge check-in  at 1:30 PM accompanied with coffee tea and snacks.
  • Evening meal will be  served from 7:30 PM
  • Drinks served at the bar with open area seating by a traditional log fire till 11 PM
  • local wing-shooting 6 AM pre-hunt coffee tea and toast in the bar.
  • Bloemfontein pigeon shooting 5 AM pre-hunt coffee tea and toast in the bar.
  • Early morning rock pigeon shooting in South Africa starts at 6:45 AM  concluding at 9:30 AM.
  • local rock pigeon hunts return to the Lodge at 10 AM for full English & continental breakfast.
  • Bloemfontein morning rock pigeon hunts will have breakfast in the field.
  • Afternoon Rock pigeon shooting in South Africa starts at 12 o’clock and concludes at 5 PM
  • Arrive back at the Lodge by 6 PM time for a shower before your evening meal served at 7:30 PM
  • Drinks served at the bar with open area seating by a traditional log fire till 11 PM.
  • Leisurely morning  at the lodge with full English & continental breakfast.
  • Depart four seasons Lodge for JNB airport transfer from between 10 am and 12 o’clock midday.
  • Overland JNB airport to lodge transfer travel time five hours including a 30 minute lunch and toilet break.
  • Arrive at Johannesburg Tambo International departures at 5 PM
  • BA56 departure time Johannesburg Tambo International Airport at 20:10 local time.


  • BA56 landing at London Heathrow Airport at 5:30 AM (UK) local time.

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Wing-shooting in South Africa 2025